Parade of Homes

What is Parade of Homes?

Experience the extraordinary at the St. George Area Parade of Homes, the largest and most remarkable Parade in the state. With 30 new homes on display, this annual event held every February is a showcase of unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design.

For decades, the Parade has been a beacon of inspiration, introducing exciting new trends and setting the stage for architectural excellence. Each home within this prestigious event offers a glimpse into the world of luxury living, nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes unique to Southern Utah.

Since 2015, Interstate Homes has proudly been a part of the St. George Area Parade of Homes. Our homes stand as a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality and attention to detail. 

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of our more recent Parade Homes, exemplifying our dedication to creating living spaces that exceed expectations. We invite you to witness the magic of Interstate Homes at the next St. George Area Parade of Homes and be inspired by the possibilities of Southern Utah living.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this extraordinary event. Mark your calendar for the next February and prepare to be amazed by the exceptional craftsmanship and visionary designs on display.

The Drake at Dratter Estates

2024 Parade of Homes

Priya at Copper Rock

2023 Parade of Homes

Tempi at The Ridge at Zion Vista

2022 Parade of Homes

The Perennial at Cottonwood Hollow

2021 Parade of Homes

Sinawava at Zion Vista

2020 Parade of Homes

The FarmHouse at Grandpas Pond

2019 Parade of Homes

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