About Our Design Center

Interstate Homes considers the whole picture when building homes. We focusing on building high-quality homes, at affordable prices, in beautiful communities. Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial commitments one will make in their life, we make your dream home fit your budget. At Interstate Homes, we strive to make the building and buying experience positive on all fronts, focusing on energy-efficient, innovative, and universal design. We spend the time with you to understand your needs for your new home. Plans are discussed and chosen with your needs in mind. Then the fun stuff begins. Our design center is 1800 square feet filled with many selection options to truly customize your home. The selections we feature have been chosen many times, they are cohesive and are of great quality. During the process of building, we have a 6-way inspection where we verify electrical, plumbing and the structure of your home. At completion of your home, we have a final walk through, where we check everything in your home for completion, quality and acceptance. For us, this is our favorite moment, as your dreams and vision come true and we have the opportunity to see you on your next journey.