Interstate Homes prime objective is to build lasting memories for every owner in each home. That is why we consider the whole picture when focusing on building high-quality homes at affordable prices in beautiful communities. To do this, we include as standard what most production builders have as upgrades while still maintaining our affordable prices. We want you to see the value in your purchase even after you have selected your finishes and made the changes to customize your wants and needs. Because most of our standard finishes are upgrades, we will work with you to trade in one of our standard upgrades to credit toward another non-standard upgrade. Not only that, but we will find ways to make it work within your budget. After all, for many, a home purchase is one of the most important financial commitments that they make in their life. At Interstate Homes, we strive to make the building and buying experience positive on all fronts.
Our experienced crews and subcontractors are professionals at their trades and share our same vision. Our quality yet affordable and beautiful objective concentrates on three key design areas.

  1. Energy Efficiency Design for low-cost utilities and high-performance value.
  2. Universal Design for safe and comfortable homes for all ages.
  3. Innovative Design to keep up to date with the latest in technology, materials and products that not only look beautiful, but perform beautifully as well.

Come over to Interstate Homes, confident that you will be getting a quality home, at an affordable price, in a beautiful community. Contact us today!